Added completed Item Notes
 09/25/2012  09/25/2012 Create a ‘My Plan’ page. This page will map out my master plan for this site and my empire as a whole.  Created this page just before the todo page. :)
 09/25/2012  09/25/2012 Create a Todo (actions) subpage of the ‘My Plan’ page. This will be a change log of all the things I do to develop this site along with a list of future action items.  Doing this now.
 09/25/2012  09/26/2012 Find a plugin that will allow me to pull in the kegan blogs rss feed into the main site.  I installed a plugin called ‘WP RSS Multi Importer’ It seems to do the job okay. But I would like to find a way to bring in the content in a nicer format.
09/26/2012 Find a way to format the feed that is pulled in to the main site from the kegan blog. Should show the whole post. Decided to eliminate the kegan blog and therefore don’t need to format the feed. :)
09/25/2012 Decide on and add some widgets to the sidebars and footer widget areas  I have temporarily inserted some placeholder widgets (blank text widgets) in the widget areas (09/26/2012)
09/25/2012 Set up Analytics
 09/25/2012 Create a resources page to keep links to the resources I talk about all in one easy to find place.
09/25/2012 Evaluate Link packages for the purpose of keeping track of all links on this site. Define the criteria.
 09/25/2012  Document Process of setting up a new WordPress blog using the ‘kegan’ blog as my reference.  I’ve already begun this as I was setting up this blog today.
 09/25/2012  Set up a process section of the site to include all my processes.
09/26/2012 Decide on Categories for the Kegan Blog
09/26/2012 Go through current posts and assign categories
09/26/2012 Go through current posts and add hyperlinks
09/26/2012 Map out the pros and cons of having a separate kegan blog Decided to just use the primary blog for my posts.
09/26/2012 Schedule a Solo Ad for
09/26/2012 Plan CPV Ad for
09/26/2012 Plan Next Special for I will need to remove the current special.
 09/26/2012 Move all posts from to the main blog at Also changed all post dates and times to match the original date and times. Changed all posts to ‘Draft’ from ‘Published’
 09/26/2012 Remove the Kegan link on Navigation
Future Actions
 09/25/2012  Write about the things I have tried this far.
 09/25/2012  Test out products that I’ve purchased to see how they work.
 09/25/2012  Write about Network Empire: Each section as I go through
 09/25/2012  Write about
 09/25/2012  Write about Internet Professionals Master Agenda
 09/25/2012  Write about Internet Business Mastery Academy
 09/25/2012  Write about Aweber
 09/25/2012  Write about Quantum Income Leap
 09/25/2012  Write about The 5R Web Conversion System
 09/25/2012  Write about Dan Kennedy
 09/25/2012 Write about the Raleigh Internet Marketing Mastermind Group Monthly Meetup
 09/25/2012 Write about The Sales Vortex book
 09/25/2012  Write about the books I’ve read and listened to
 09/25/2012  Make a graphical bookshelf. Eventually the Academy Library.