The Fastest Way To Build A List …Solo Ads

So I sent in my weekly reporting to my Mentor Alex. The weekly reporting includes my goals that I set for the prior week along with my results and my new goals for the coming week.

I love doing this because it keeps me accountable and mostly on track. I get side-tracked easily but Alex is good at getting me back on track.

His response is almost always what I expect but often squelches my enthusiasm. I need the hard truth.

His response this week was to remind me of what we had talked about. My focus right now is making my business profitable to the point that it is self-funding.

The method that I intend to use to do so is by building my list and then offering them helpful and quality WSOs and other products that I own.

He urged me to focus on Solo Ads. I had just done my first Solo ad on September 11th with less than expected results. I felt that I got decent results, but I knew I needed to do it better.

I need to find some guidance on the best practices for solo ads.

I know that I have purchased some sort of training on how to do solo ads. I can vaguely remember going through a couple courses. But I can’t remember what they were. And with over 500 IM products purchases to sift through, I just don’t know how long it will take to find what I need.

So I’m skimming my email (part of my daily checklist) and I come across an email from Jeff Bode with the Subject: ‘The Fastest Way To Build A List …Solo Ads!’

I put the ’00 – Action Folder/Buy Week’ tag on it and go back to skim the rest of the email. But I pause. I go back to Jeff’s email and read it. I click the link.

Oh no. Now I’m sucked in. I read the sales page. Looks compelling. This actually seems like the perfect thing for what I need to do solo ads.

He does a good job at building value. I’m almost afraid to look at the price. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on anything like this right now.

I’m delighted to find that it’s still under $10!

I’m reasoning in my head to figure if I can or should buy it. I think of what Alex just reminded me of. I need to focus on Solo ads. If I can just make $30 in sales from my Weekend Special mailing for, then I can afford a solo mailing. If I can make $60 in sales, then I can make 2 solo ad mailings. Of course when the solo ad goes out, I’ll make more sales off the one time offer after the squeeze page. Cool.

Then I think about what Alex said a little more. I go back to check what he said in his last email to me and I notice that I’ve got a new broadcast message from him. I open it and read about a bonus. He never mentions the product. But it sure does seem like he’s talking about some sort of solo ad product.

Maybe I should wait until I see his promotion. He says he’ll send it out by noon EST. I look and noon has come and gone. So I send him a reply asking what the product and bonus are.

I’m going to wait for a while to let him respond. Maybe it’s the same one that I had my clicker hovering over.

I’ll write more once he gets back with me.

Waiting . . . Waiting . . .

Well, he finally got back with me.

It is the same promotion and product.

I always like to see if I have an email with a bonus for purchase.

I do a search for solo ad revolution.

I find one that has some good bonuses. I copy their link and open it in Internet Explorer.

After I purchase, it looks like the One Time Offer is training on how to use the main offer. Mmmmm

Not quite what I thought I was getting. I thought I was getting solo ad resources and training. I guess I should read the sales copy better next time.

I’ll review the product later.

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