ToDo Item: Find a WordPress plugin that handles projects, Part 2

Go to Google and search for ‘wordpress project’

Okay, I’m waiting to hear back from the developer of iProject Web.

I’m not real sure if the iProject Web plugin will work with the front end. After all keeping track of my projects and tasks for my empire is not just something that I intend to keep to myself. One of the main purposes for finding this is to allow you to see the steps I go through to develop my web properties.

Having a transparent project and task environment allows me to keep track of what I want to do, it allows you to see what I have done and am working on and it gives me some accountability. All very good things.

So let’s try a couple of the other project plugins.


I click on the link and the first thing I notice is:

This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Not a good sign.

Gamatam Tasks

This one too has the same ‘ This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years’ warning. It’s too bad too because this one really sounds promising from reading the description.

Ndizi Project Management

I read:
‘Ndizi Project Management is in semi-active development’

Last Updated: 2011-9-27


Well, I avoided it, but now it’s all that’s left…


Last Updated: 2011-9-23

It hasn’t been updated in a year. Mmmmm….

Should I try it?

I see that there is shortcode support and from some of the screen shots I’m not sure that I really like the format. I’d really like it to just put the task lists in a table.

I think I’ll try Ndizi Project Management. I’ll just install it on the iProject Web WordPress installation.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

I search for ‘Ndizi Project Management’

It’s the only search result.

Click ‘Details’

Last Updated: 367 days ago

I’ll try it anyway.

Click the ‘Install Now’ button

Click ‘Activate Plugin’

I see a new menu item at the bottom of the left: Ndizi

I click on it.

The first thing that I notice is an option: Ndizi Front-End Page

It gives me a drop down menu that I can select one of my existing pages. Nice.

I select the Projects page and click the ‘Save Options’ button.

I go back to the front end of the site and refresh. It gives me a field for an Access Key.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Ndizi -> Manage Clients

I enter ‘Guests’ in the client name field.

I copy the Access Key: d6738e2a286a36517751f7d39d3fc8ce

Click the ‘Add New Client’ button

I go back to the front end of the site and refresh. I paste the Access Key in the box and click the ‘Login’ button.

No good. It shows me a client portal complete with the ability to add a new task.

I can’t leave that one open to the public.

Okay. Let’s try again.

CollabPress it is.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

I search for ‘CollabPress’

It’s the first result.

Click ‘Details’

Last Updated: 371 days ago

Oh well…

Click the ‘Install Now’ button

Click ‘Activate Plugin’

When it returns me to the plugins page, I scroll down and click the ‘Deactivate’ link for Ndizi Project Management

I now see a CollabPress Menu item at the bottom of the left menu. I click it.

It displays a Add New Project area.

I give it a name:

Click the ‘Submit’ button

It tells me that the project has been added.

Click: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> CollabPress -> Settings

I scroll down and see:
Minimum User Role to view [collabpress] shortcode front-end: Anyone

Copy the [collabpress] shortcode. Go to the Projects page and insert the shortcode. Click update.

I go and refresh the front page. Ug. It shows a box where I can create a project.

I click: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> CollabPress -> Help

It does not appear that there is much in the way of help.

When I click on the CollabPress Support Forum link, the page that it takes me to is empty. Mmmmm

I am about ready to put this on the back burner for now. I’m spending too much time on it.

I’ll give it one more go.

I click: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

I search for ‘task’

I read through the results. I click the Details for a few of the plugins. Nothing seems right.

The only one that even seems close is Cleverness To-Do List.

I click Details

Last Updated: 62 days ago

Looks promising

5 star rating average

I see it has a shortcode.

I click Install Now and then Activate Plugin.

I see a new To-Do List menu item.

I click it.

I click on Settings

I enable Categories

I set the List View to Group

Set Show Date Completed to Yes

I click the ‘Save Changes’ button

I click on the Advanced Settings tab

I select Yes for Show Date To-Do Was Added

I click the ‘Save Changes’ button

I see a Categories menu item is now displayed on the left menu bar. I click it.

In the Category Name field I enter: and hit the ‘Submit’ button

I click on the To-Do List menu on the left.

There is one To-Do item already there by default.

Now I need to find the shortcode to display my list on the front page.

I go to the install page:

I click on the Installation tab. Nothing.

I click on the FAQ tab

There seems to be many options. They give several examples. I decide to take them all and see what happens.

I load each example shortcode onto the page.

[todolist title=”Upcoming Articles” type=”table” priorities=”” deadline=”” addedby=””]




[todoadmin title=”My To-Do List” deadline=1 categories=1]

I click update.

I go and refresh the front page.

It shows the first code. But the second 2 it just shows ‘You must be logged in to view’

I expected that the second 2 would require a login.

I don’t like the formatting of the table that does appear. It’s too bulky. I want something that can display as much data in a reasonable space as possible.

I have one more thing to try.

I don’t think I will be able to find a project and task plugin that will do what I want at this point.

I can continue to use tables. However, I have encountered plugins that make this a lot easier than just using table html tags.

I click: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

I search for ‘table’.

I scroll through. I’ve seen ‘WP-Table Reloaded’ before. I click on it.

I notice:
Last Updated: 2012-6-11
Average Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

It’s been updated fairly recently and it has a decent rating.

I click on Screenshots to see what the tables will look like.

The edit table screen looks fairly comprehensive.

The Table Preview screen looks good.

I’ll look at a couple more first.

I click on Details for Easy Table

Last Updated: 42 days ago
Average 5 star rating

It seems to have some interesting options. It can read data for a table straight from a csv file. That could come in handy for displaying a lot of data. The one thing that it does not have is a graphical interface. So I would just need to enter all my data in without formatting. I want the ability to format and add html.

I go back to the search results.

I click on Websimon Tables.

I see: Last Updated: 162 days ago

I doesn’t look nearly as comprehensive as ‘WP-Table Reloaded’.

I click on ‘Pricing Table’ Doesn’t look like it will handle regular tables. But it sure could come in handy later on. Take note.

I scroll through the rest of the listings on the first page and don’t really see anything that looks promising. I do notice a lot of Table Of Contents type plugins. Might be useful at some point.

I think I’ll try ‘WP-Table Reloaded’.

I scroll back up and click Install Now. A notification asks ‘Are you sure you want to install this plugin?’

I click OK

Click Activate Plugin.

I don’t see anything added as a main menu item.

I look under the main ‘Settings’ menu item. Nope.

I then click: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Tools

And I see: WP-Table Reloaded

I click on it.

I click ‘ Add new Table’.

I enter:

Table Name: Projects
Description: List of projects and tasks
Number of Rows: 100
Number of Columns: 5

I scroll down and see that I’m presented with a bunch of data fields. Not a visual editor.

I can do better with just plain old tables. Okay. I am officially scrapping the whole thing.

Here is a lesson in time wasted. Sure I learned a lot and have taken some good notes. But, in the end, I am really not much closer to my end goal of checking off items on my task list. Sigh……

So I just move on. At least my mind is at ease. I can safely move on knowing that my table setup is the best I can find.

I will add a task item look into having someone develop a project management plugin.

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