ToDo Item: Find a WordPress plugin that handles projects

Go to Google and search for ‘wordpress project’

I read:
WordPress as a Project Management Tool: Free Plugins

He lists out several project and task management tools but unfortunately never came back and wrote a post about which one he choose.

So I go back to my search results.

I click on the next best result:
Welcome CollabPress: Project and Task Management for WordPress and WPMU

That article just covers CollabPress. It doesn’t go very in depth either.

So I will review them myself.

I looked at the first one on the list:

Project Tasks

This looks like it’s mostly intended for WordPress Theme development. While I’m sure I could make some use of it for the purposes of tracking what tasks I need to accomplish across my various web sites, it just seems like this one might be too limiting.
Many of the project management offerings seem to be more of a set of collaboration tools than just project management. Right now I am just looking for project and task management.

So I am going to skip over CollabPress for now.

iProject Web

While this seems like a somewhat robust project platform for a plugin, it doesn’t seem to have some of what I am looking for.

So let me define my criteria:

Able to create projects: This is so I can have a project for each website
Able to create and assign tasks to projects.
Able to assign start and end dates on tasks.
Able to assign priority to tasks.
Able to assign status to tasks.
Able to display task list on WordPress front end.

It’s the last one that seems to be holding things up for me.

I went back into the iProject Web page and clicked on the Support tab.

Interesting. There is an item titled ‘Cannot access data from front-end’

It appears there is a shortcode that allows the data to be displayed on the front end! I think I have resolved my last requirement.

So now I think the best course of action is to set up a separate blog in a sub directory of the main site and install the project as it’s own WordPress installation. Since this data is truly separate from the Academy, I don’t think there will be a problem with it having it’s own install as I did with the kegan install.

So I go back to my cpanel for the Academy.

I scroll down and click on the Fantastico icon.

I click WordPress on the left menu.

New Installation

In the ‘Install in directory’ box I enter ‘iProject’

I enter the rest of the details and install.

I log in to the WordPress admin. It alerts me that there is an update for wordpress. I update that and Akismet.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

I search for iproject

iProject Web is the only result.

I click details.

I’m a little disappointed that it was Last Updated: 258 days ago

That’s a long time.

But since this isn’t my primary install, I am willing to try it.

I click the ‘Install Now’ button.

I click ‘Activate Plugin’.

I click on the ‘Visit plugin site’ link to go see if there is help with using the plugin.

I see the shortcode: [iprojectweb_frontpage]

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New

I name the page ‘Pojects’, add the iproject shortcode and click the ‘Publish’ button.

Now I plan to make this the static front page for this blog install, so I need to also create a blog page.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New

I name the page ‘Updates’ and click the ‘Publish’ button.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays

I select the radio button for ‘A static page’.

Front page: Projects
Posts page: Updates

Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Go To: WordPress Admin -> Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Common Settings

I select the radio button for ‘Post name’.

Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Now I ‘View Site’.

Okay. So apparently, I need to do something else. The site just shows the iProject shortcode.

I went back to the FAQ tab on the iProject Web WordPress plugin page. I see that the shortcode is different: [iprojectweb_frontend]

I go back to edit my Project page and paste the new shortcode over the old one. I click Update.

I go back to the front end and refresh the page.

The project interface shows up! Good deal.

For now, this will work.

I will come back work on the formatting and linking from the main site.

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