ToDo Item: Map out the pros and cons of having a separate kegan blog

I just finished working on the ToDo item:
Find a plugin that will allow me to pull in the kegan blogs rss feed into the main site.

At the end of that post I made the following statement:
I am starting to question my decision to create a separate Kegan blog. It almost seems better to just have a category with sub-categories. I need to think through the implications of each method. I need to think of a name for the ‘kegan’ updates. I need to map out the pros and cons of having a separate kegan blog.

The main reason I decided to have a separate blog in the first place is to allow the future separate of the Academy itself from my personal writing. There was also the thought that as the site grows bigger, I will probably want to bring on more voices (writers), giving them their own blog and writing space.

I think this may add too much unnecessary complication.

If I keep the kegan blog separate, I will most likely keep running into integration and formatting issues.

With a modern WordPress install, I can decide which posts show up on any part of the site. Therefore I can almost keep my blog completely separate.

And when I am ready to set up the Academy, I may just choose to have it hosted as a separate blog install. That might be the easier and more logical route. Of course, by the time I am ready to implement the Academy, I may have a much better thought process in place as to how I want to handle it.

I welcome your thoughts as to the benefits of keeping the 2 separate and the benefits of combining them.

For now, I think it is probably best just to move my posts to the primary blogspace and to abandon the kegan blog for now.

I will move all my current posts to the main blog.

I just need to come up with some categories now. It’s already a ToDo item. Just need to think through it.

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